New book tells varied stories of immigration; and prominent local neurosurgeon offers free medical care in Gaza

02/23/12 Robert Lorei
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Coming up today we’ll talk with the author of a new book which tells the stories of 50 immigrants to the US.

Later we’ll talk with a prominent local neurosurgeon who has given up his private practice and is now concentrating on international and health care policy. He’ll be giving a talk tonight at the University of Tampa on why we should be paying attention to what is happening in Gaza — the Palestinian territory next to Israel.

First up—the author of the new book GREEN CARD STORIES (Umbrage Books), Saundra Amrhein who was for a decade a staff writer at the St. Petersburg Times. Her new book compiles the stories of 50 immigrants who now have permanent US residence or citizenship. They come from all over the world. And represent people from many different class backgrounds. She'll be speaking tonight at Inkwood Books in South Tampa.

Next up -- Dr. Don Mellman practiced as a neurosurgeon in Tampa for 26 years. He’s also a co-founder of the local chapter of Physicians for Social Responsibility. He is speaking tonight at UT on the topic of Gaza. He’s spent time delivering medical services to Gaza.

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