New College of Florida student body president insists students should choose student representative on Board of Governors

02/08/12 Seán Kinane
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Today the Florida Student Association posted an action alert on its Facebook page warning that if people don’t act quickly, the student representative on the Board of Governors, which determines tuition rates, could soon be selected by Rick Scott.

This afternoon we’re going to talk about bills in the Florida Legislature that affect higher education – my guest will be Michael Long. He’s student body president at New College of Florida and is the current student member of the board of governors.

A November article in the newspaper now known as the Tampa Bay Times wrote about what happened when Michael Long stood up to powerful Senator J. D. Alexander:

“A collective gasp swept across the room. Michael Long, the lone student member of the Florida Board of Governors, had just told the audience that Sen. J.D. Alexander threatened to stop supporting higher education if the board didn't make the University of South Florida Polytechnic the state's 12th public university. Heads turned to Alexander, sitting right behind Long. The senator remained silent.”

Here’s some news from late today: The Florida House has given preliminary approval to a nearly $69.2 billion budget. It includes a boost in school funding, but it also includes an 8 percent tuition hike for college and university students. The House will take a final vote on its budget tomorrow.

Meanwhile, yesterday the Florida Senate proposed a 3 percent base tuition hike for state colleges and workforce education programs, but no base tuition increase for state universities, leaving them the option to raise tuition.

Before the show I received a question regarding the proposal that the Governor, not the Florida Student Association should pick the Board of Governors student member because FSA charges fees. This person’s argument is why is there a fee to belong to FSA anyway, shouldn’t it be funded by taxpayers?

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Learn the Ropes Kid

Unfortunately student Long shot himself in the foot and the rest of the student population of Florida with his very uncouth, undiplomatic rant! Maybe it's too late but he's got to learn to stroke people and when to use KY Jelly when screwing them!