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04/18/11 Jon Butts
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We started today’s program with a short interview with John McGee, head of Hillsborough County’s Stormwater Environmental program. They’ve started a Trash Tracker program that, with the help of volunteers, locates and analyzes trash collected in Hillsborough County. To find out how you can become a Trash Tracker or more about the program check out.

Tampa Solar is a new Facebook group that’s promoting home solar electric systems in our area. Its creator is a researcher with University of South Florida’s Clean Energy Research Center, Jamie Trahan. With her were three other members: Robert Rorebeck with the Sustany Foundation, Adrian Brunori unemployed solar policy advocate, and Corey Watson with Progressive Retrofit, a solar consulting business. Today Tampa Electric Company started a Solar Rebate program, with a one million dollar fund that by the air time of this show was almost all allocated. This became the focus of the show, in that how this process could be made fair to all by adopting a Feed-in-Tariff program similar to the solar incentive program in Gainesville Florida. Montreal Canada has a very successful Tariff program there that Adrian felt we should all look at. Please consider joining the Tampa Solar Facebook group and getting involved with creating a more sustainable energy system based on local production of power from our roof tops instead of letting our power companies continue to suck up our money to the few that own these companies. This all leads to more local jobs and more distributive, efficient, cleaner, power systems for all.

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