New Hope for Homeless

06/26/13 Warren Elly with Homeless Coalition CEO Maria Barcus
Last Call Wednesday | Listen to this entire show:

New Hope for Hillsborough's Homeless?

On the eve of tough new legislation from Tampa City Council to ban panhandling in downtown and YBOR city zones, Maria Barcus, newly hired Homeless Coalition CEO, says putting a roof on people's heads is the first step. She also says that in South Florida laws like Tampa's Panhandle Zones actually led directly to a local one cent tax on meals and rooms to finance solutions. Callers ranged from the sympathetic, to those who say foreclosed houses ought to be seized under the same interpretations of law that have led to arrests and convictions in recent months and years. Others advocated socialization of property. A dynamic broadcast that touches on the many issues and the many faces of homelessness in a community that doesn't know really how many homeless are here, with scores of government and non-government organizations doing their own thing to help the homeless with little realistic coordination or triage to connect the homeless with programs/benefits/organizations that suit their needs.

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