New report shows Florida Health Care ranks low compared to other states

09/18/13 Robert Lorei
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Cathy Schoen, Senior Vice President of the Commonwealth Fund

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Today Radioactivity looks at a new "Scorecard" report from The Commonwealth Fund. The report takes a state-by-state look at the health care experiences of the 39% of Americans with incomes less than 200% of the federal poverty level ($47,000 for a family of four) , finding dramatic differences between the states at the top and those at the bottom. The differences from state to state are so stark that higher-income people in states at the bottom of the Scorecard are often worse off than low-income people in states that rank at the very top of the Scorecard. So where does your Florida rank?

Rob Lorei interviews Cathy Schoen, the author of the report and the Senior Vice President at the Commonwealth Fund. She discusses Florida's stats, health care access and the difficulties faced by people and families with low incomes.

Later Rob speaks with Deirdre McNab the President of the Florida League of Women Voters. Her organization along with several business groups, hospital organizations and non profits called on the state legislature yesterday to expand Medicaid the government health insurance program for low income people to 1 million low wage people across Florida. He also speaks with Erin Carr who is the president of CompassCare- a small health care business based in Tampa.

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