New Study Shows Latinos and Blacks Suffered Long Lines in 2012 Election

07/01/13 Robert Lorei
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Last week the US Supreme Court threw out a portion of the Voting Rights Act because it relied on 40 year old data. Today, Radioactivity looks at the latest data on discrimination in voting with a University of Florida professor who has studied voting across the state.

Hispanic voters waited longer at the polls last November than any other ethnic group, a statewide study has concluded, with black voters also experiencing longer delays than whites. The study, was presented last week to a bipartisan election reform commission created by President Barack Obama.

The study by a professor at Dartmouth and Daniel Smith- a political scientist at the University of Florida. The researchers examined Election Day closing times at 85 percent of the state's precincts where more than 92 percent of the 3.7 million Florida voters voted. Check out Smith’s blog here.

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