News of the Week Review

07/26/13 Warren Elly with Gene Siudut
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The news of the week covered some of the topics below:

The Dream Defenders sit in at the Florida Governor’s office in its 9TH day demanding repeal of the stand your ground law many say gave the jury no choice but acquittal in the Zimmerman trial.

Reaction to President Obama’s declaration that ‘Trayvon Martin” could have been him.

Pulitzer Prize Winning Columnist Leonard Pitts of the Miami Herald published an editorial both in the Tampa Tribune and the Tampa Bay Times where he commented on how conservatives are justifying the Zimmerman case.

“They have redoubled their efforts to fashion a fairly ordinary teenager into some general purpose thug who somehow needed shooting and his killer into some righteous street avenger who stalked him from justifiable fear because”, Pitts wrote, “we all know, young black men are criminal”

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