Norway terror suspect will be held in isolation for four weeks

07/25/11 wire reports including AP
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In Oslo, a judge has ruled that the man who confessed to carrying out a bombing and shooting spree that left 76 people dead in Norway will be held in complete isolation for four weeks.

Judge Kim Heger spoke in a news conference today, through an interpreter.

The prosecutor in Norway's twin terror attacks says Anders Behring Breivik expects to spend the rest of his life in prison.

The maximum prison sentence in Norway is 21 years, but convicts who pose a danger to society can be held after their sentence is up.

Breivik has said in a written document that the killings were "marketing" for his belief that Europe must be saved from Muslim colonization.

Police lowered the death toll today to 76, from 93.

Meanwhile, Norway's police security service says it was alerted in March to a suspicious chemical purchase by Breivik, but it didn't have enough evidence to investigate further.

The chief of PST, said today that Breivik paid $22 dollars for an undisclosed product from a Polish chemical firm.

Reuters reports that 100,000 people participated in an anti-violence rally today in Olso.

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Put rabid animals down…

Another child killing nut job that gets to keep his own life because of politically correct anti-capital punishment laws!!! How much do you want to bet that he ends up in a minimum security psych ward so that he can be “studied”… for the benefit of mankind.