NOW panel on health care for women

06/24/11 Lachelle Roddy
WMNF Drive-Time News Friday | Listen to this entire show:

The theme for this year’s national NOW conference is “Daring to Dream.” It started with a panel exploring how to achieve something many deem impossible: universal healthcare, or the single payer system. Katie Robbins, the national organizer with Healthcare NOW, opened the discussion with an explanation on universal healthcare and why it’s possible.

Before giving her statement on why single payer healthcare is important for women’s rights, Dr. Jewel Crawford, a family physician, said healthcare is a right not a privilege.

Single payer is a concept that still mystifies many Americans. National Nurses United organizer, Marilyn Albert, said the community would have more power over negotiating healthcare with this kind of system in place.

A long time member of NOW and the National Women’s Liberation, Natalie Maxwell said there are problems with Medicare, the 45-year-old federal program that guarantees coverage for everyone sixty-five and older.

Dr. Jewel Crawford, a family physician, said private insurance companies are making substantial cuts to their healthcare coverage, something that hurts healthcare.

The national organizer with Healthcare NOW, Katie Robbins, read aloud the NOW action statement. She said single payer universal healthcare is about uplifting everyone, everywhere.

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