Occupy Sarasota holds third rally

10/24/11 Doug Driscoll
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While interest in the Occupy movement continues to grow, on Saturday Occupy Sarasota held its third rally in their continuing efforts to organize and grow. Their demonstration was along the bay front at Island Park, in the shadow of statue representing the iconic photograph of a returning World War II soldier kissing a nurse.

About 100 people lined Tamiami Trail in a single line, waving signs and discussing future plans for Sarasota’s contribution to the Occupy movement. Lory Frary, one of Occupy Sarasota’s founders and facilitators, says the group’s current focus is to spread awareness and encourage involvement from the Sarasota community.

To ensure the group remains focused and productive, the consensus of Occupy Sarasota is to remain apolitical, focusing on the issues rather than the politics or platforms of specific parties.

Rebecca Keenan, a student at New College of Florida, has been to Occupy Wall Street in New York, and attended this rally to participate locally in what she views as a global movement. Her views echo many of the protestors present, a general dissatisfaction with the financial bailouts after the crash, and growing income disparity.

Gene Wachaus, a disabled veteran of the Vietnam War, has been to each of the rallies and plans to attend upcoming ones with hopes of keeping the focus on “fixing this country.”

Occupy Sarasota will hold their next demonstration this Saturday at Island Park. They hope to hold committee meeting throughout the week. More information can be found on their Facebook page, Occupy Sarasota.

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