Occupy Sarasota: protesters' impatience grows as movement continues to organize

10/31/11 Doug Driscoll
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While Occupy Sarasota continues to organize at their weekly protests, some protestors would like to see the movement’s growth and actions pick up the pace. In the meantime, on Saturday small groups of protesters gathered for intense discussions about specific problems and solutions.

Approximately 60 protestors braved the rain to attend the General Assembly, where plans for the Transfer Your Money March were discussed. Protestors will march to banks around downtown Sarasota this Saturday to protest and possibly transfer their money to credit unions.

After the General Assembly, three protestors gathered to discuss the issues that brought them out on a rainy morning. Julio Valazquez, sees government as attempting to create an austerity class.

A woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, summarized the group’s irritation with the stereotypical view of the movement’s protesters, as well as their frustration with Congress not listening to what she believes is the majority of Americans.

Zach Klawonn was recently discharged from the military. He views the rhetoric about protestors as immaterial, because regardless of who they are, they are expressing dissatisfaction and frustration.

A growing sense of impatience is swelling, as Occupy Sarasota only holds protests every Saturday from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. One woman believes that growing the numbers is not only necessary for Sarasota, but in towns and cities across the nation.

Referring to Sarasota’s ordinance prohibiting outdoor sleeping, Klawonn sees the first step as changing the law to allow for occupation within the city limits.

This Saturday,Occupy Sarasotais organizing a “Transfer Your Money March.” It begins at 11 in the morning at Sarasota’s Five Points Park.

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More sleep! More sleep!

Once the slackers can sleep in the park instead of their beds, they'll all show up ;-)