Occupy Tampa plans another march this Saturday in Gaslight Park

09/28/11 Seán Kinane
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There's a new activist movement in town called Occupy Tampa. It’s loosely based on the Occupy Wall Street protests that began in New York City a week and a half ago. Similar occupations have been spreading throughout the country.

Their next action is Saturday in downtown Tampa's Gaslight Park.

Callers asked questions of Blake Westlake, a spokesperson for Occupy Tampa.

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Occupy Tampa

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The 99%

Hope for disenfranchised voters is here. 99 to 1, I'd say those are great odds! We are the 99%


What is the purpose of this "sit in"? It appears that you people are protesting for the sake of protesting. That's why no one takes you seriously. You're a group of complainers who will always complain no matter what. A group of perpetually immature "radicals". Congratulations. It might look shiny from inside your bubble but the rest of the world sees you for what you are: spoiled kids with a persecution complex.

And Another Thing...

I just watched the coverage on the hundreds of people arrested on the Brooklyn bridge. http://cityroom.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/10/01/police-arresting-protesters-on-brooklyn-bridge/?hp Somebody needs to point out that these hundreds of people and thousands more like them across the country have been misled into believing that banks are evil and the enemy and somehow responsible for our misfortunes. It's not true! Is this not a free country? Shouldn't our citizens be allowed to invest and risk their money as they see fit? These people don't understand what they're protesting. There is nothing inherently wrong with banking. Yes, there are incidents of fraud and cheating but that doesn't mean the whole institution should be trashed. These people are playing into the hands of Obama who wants to totally control the industry. I remember when the government first started its misinformation campaign and the media dutifully started reporting the Wall Street protests over a year ago and provided news footage. It was clearly a government-made protest because the only people present were a few dozen thoroughly unmotivated people. The government has obviously been busy and has now convinced the gullible, eager-to-protest-anything-that-moves crowd who are now helping the government to deceive the country. For the good of the country, stop protesting freedom NOW!

The 1% are destroying America in the name of greed

Personally I am thrilled to see the Occupy Wall Street protests, and that the movement is spreading to Tampa. The protestors who shut down the Brooklyn Bridge are exercising their right to peaceful protest and civil disobedience– an American tradition that goes back to the Boston Tea Party. We tried voting – it didn’t work. I don’t resent anyone’s right to invest their money or make a profit. But, Wall Street in collusion with Washington has stacked the deck through corruption – they are NOT making honest profits in a free market economy – they are stealing from you and me and our children. Huge corporations make huge donations to both parties, and politicians pass legislation that benefits the corporations – at OUR expense. They don’t need a conspiracy – it’s just how business is done. Corporations have only profit as their guiding principle – they should not be in charge of the country. We will not have a real democracy until we get the money out of our elections.

What a sucker

That's a lot of hot air. Money and influence have had significant control of government, society, and policy since the dawn of time. It's nothing new. Americans today live in bigger houses, drive better cars, have better education, and more opportunities than ever before. How can you possibly justify a protest? It's just dumb. Of course, if you belong to the bottom 10% of society, the unmotivated and uninspired, I can understand how you'd want to blame others for your ineptitude. But someone should tell you that you're wrong. You're welcome to your private opinion but stay off my streets.

Ralph look

I am a college student with a part time job. My father lost his job and I am A student on the deans list now dropping out of school to use the college money to keep our home. My dad was a hard worker in a tech company and was one of the last employees let go because of his skill. I am a "A" student who has made it onto the deans list. We are not lazy people who just like to complain, we are regular people who got screwed. Screwed not by one fraudulent act that was insignificant but screwed to the point where our nations economic policies put the entire world into a recession and it is still affecting the market. You can try and down play that all you want, but when the effect is that massive and that destructive people are going to protest. My family and I are a prime example of regular people who got screwed and are taking action for it. It is not about blaming others it is about exercising our civil rights given to us as American citizens specifically to combat tyranny that is inevitable and now blatantly present. Present in banking industry in its loose lending policy, selling bad loans to corporations that have AAA credit rating even though they all defaulted in the housing market crash in 2008. Politicians no longer representing people but instead corporate interest as we deregulate business and regulate people more, and doing so with unconstitutional bills/acts/provisions like the patriot act. Then there is our failed foreign policy which has bombed peoples homes and left them with nothing but rage for our country which then turns into terrorism. This war on terror is self perpetuating and destructive due to unsustainability in the long run. Hell we already ran out of money and are in trillions of debt doing something we can't afford and under false pretense. And That sir is why we protest.

It's Not Just a Hat Rack

I disagree with every single thing you said but I think it would be a waste of my time to respond and point out the huge generalizations and unsupported accusations you make. Because you apparently don't think for yourself, blindly accept what the media trumpets, and wouldn't listen.


You people have it all wrong some have good ideas but just don't understand the full concept of what is going on. The problem is the Federal Reserve and fake paper money created out of thin air. Educate yourself and see what happens when the usd dollar dies. If your gonna protest protest against the FEDS and the U.S government not corporations that are nurtured by the government INFORWARS.com