Occupy Tampa protester to remain in jail until March awaiting trial for trespassing

12/20/11 Seán Kinane
WMNF Drive-Time News Tuesday | Listen to this entire show:


An Occupy Tampa protester will spend the next two months in jail awaiting trial for trespassing. According to Occupy Tampa Facebook posts, yesterday Judge James Dominguez revoked the bond of Tim Sommers. This morning Sommers learned he will remain in jail until a March 13 trial for trespassing. Fellow protester Bailey Riley was at the hearing.

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2 months in jail?

Sure beats sleeping on a sidewalk!lauta, talifig


That's three months... and that's unconstitutional.


This is horrible!


Ok Tiff... I'll play your silly games. What is unconstitutional???

right on!

There IS some justice in the world. This will teach those IPOD-waving idiots a lesson!


This is unreasonable and uncalled for. This is disgusting. Nobody should be held that long on trespassing. It's ridiculous. I'm terribly sorry for our family being unjustly held. My heart goes out to you. More people should be angry.

the right to a speedy trial...

has now been suspended along with free speech and the freedom to peaceably assemble. if this kid is convicted of trespassing, i imagine his 10 weeks in jail will be called "time-served" and he'll walk. maybe they'll bill him for his room and board?

He was given a chance

This kid was given a chance when he was arrested for the very same thing. He was almost immediately released with a slap on the wrist. He apparently WANTED to get arrested and kept going back. Do you think the law is a big joke? He's getting what he deserves and is being well treated.

These are the new Sit-Ins. He is a peaceful protes

If you think this is justice you should seriously take a look at your morals and whether you consider the law and police action "always already good" and never something to be challenged. Think back to the sit-ins of the civil rights era. They were told too leave and they didn't. The same day someone found guilty with firing a shotgun while intoxication was only charged a 10 dollar fine while another individual charged with domestic violence received the same fine. This is discrimination. People have walked through that park for YEARS without ever being told to leave at night. When you protest corporate greed though, then you risk 10 weeks in jail?


I am outraged by Judge Dominguez's decesion to revoke the bond of a peacceful protester to incarcerate him for 3 months while allowing violent criminals and drug dealers to be released on bond. There is something seriously wrong with this. It is time to stand up against corporate greed, political corruption and judicial abuse of power. Shame on Judge Dominguez!

Gotta love the process of law...

Mr. Sommers is now enjoying the “due process” aspect of a speedy trial… and due process can take a while.

Pepe, it's time to stand up against....

bad spelling.


I can now understand how Nazi Germany went downhill so fast, when I see the unwavering, blind support of judge Dominguez' and our justice system. Everyone who thinks that being held without bond is fair should study what grounds one can be held under said circumstances. No where does it say that repeat offenses apply. He is, apparently, being held under the Patriot Act, which is reserved for terrorists. Do your research, as I have. If you still feel this is just, then all I can say is zur Hölle fahren.


I just wanted to say to people like "coach"(great name...not!) and "pope of st pete"(another original one) that Tim Sommers is a firefighter and an outstanding member of our community, anyone who does not support Tim Sommers and Occupy in this instant deserves to have Tim come out and watch their house burn to the ground without lifting a finger! People who tolerate this are not Americans, their fascists!

sad sad sad

This is outrageous and heartbreaking. SHAME SHAME SHAME on Judge Dominguez. These people are just using their 1st amendment rights...doing nobody harm. He is NOT a criminal, he is a peaceful activist.

It sets a precidence

To all those saying it is deserved. Here is a news flash, this sets a precedent. If this is allowed to go unnoticed, it could be your child, or yourself held without bond for minor crimes. Tag expired, jail no bond. Driving past curfew for underaged driver, jail no bond, explain that you were driving home from work at your trial in 3 months, and so on and so on. Whether you like Occupy or not, allowing this precedent can turn this into a police state very quickly. As if the NDAA isn't already doing that on a grand scale. Wake up people, and realize you will be stripped of all your freedoms, while you were sleeping.

You can't always get what you want

He's not being held because of the Ndaa. He's being held for not following stipulations of his previous bail. It really didn't matter if there were 3 or 4 people at the park anyways. Here's some advice... If you get arrested, don't go back to the park and be a jackhole to a cop. Did you really think pissing off the cops, judges, and citizens was going to get you better treatment than any other criminal? Maybe he's sitting there for 10 weeks because the court system is backed up with hearings for occupiers. Quit wasting our tax money!!!

Occupy Orient Road...

A FIREFIGHTER??? Sooo… Mr. Sommers is a guvment employee union suck, who gets paid by our tax dollars… that thinks he’s above the law??? HEY… Judge Dominguez… Throw the book at him!!! BIEG SMILE… BIEG SMILE… BIEG SMILE…

Tax money used on jail instead of fighting fires

Actually Glenn--Tim is an unemployed firefighter. The county can't afford to hire firefighters right now due to budget cuts, yet apparently it can afford to put Tim in jail for three months. Wouldn't it be more productive if the tax payer money was spent to create jobs for people like Tim rather than putting people like Tim in jail for protesting?

Occupy Orient Road...

Unemployed??? GOOD... because it sounds like if he knew someone was a Republican or didn't support the "Occuputz" movement... he would watch their house burn to the ground... and they would deserve it!!! By-the-way... taxes don't create jobs... the privare sector creates jobs!!!


The private sector creates firefighter jobs? I was under the impression that taxes paid for firefighters. The Occupy movement includes Republicans, Democrats, independents and whoever else is against the bank bailouts and the fair representation of the voters over the corporations.

Occuputz includes a bunch of schmucks...

“Fair representation of the voters”??? Please… how about the DEMOCRAP Obama voter fraud… http://video.foxnews.com/v/1334508507001/new-warnings-in-presidential-primary-election-fraud-case As for the firefighters… hell yeah they’ll have jobs... as long as the “Occuputz” movement keeps trashing, burning, raping, trespassing, and generally being a blight to the public eye!!! By-the-way… I haven’t heard any pissing and moaning from you butt munches about the UNION bailouts!!! And I won’t… because the Occuputz is in the UNIONS pocket!!! schmucks...

Please keep him in jail

As a public citizen and St Pete resident, I support the police most of the time and especially this time. Why do these people not understand that he was jailed for violating the parameters of his bail? And that he was arrested for repeating the same offense he was arrested for the first time? Thank you, St Pete police for taking this unreasonable abuse and keeping our streets safe for me and others. The only people complaining are people who should probably be in jail themselves.