Oil industry perspective on Keystone Pipeline

04/23/14 Robert Lorei
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Oil Pipeline Pumping Station in rural Nebraska

photo by Flickr/shannonpatrick17

Today on Radioactivity, Rob Lorei gets the oil industry perspective on the proposed Keystone pipeline. He welcomes guest Cindy Schild, who is a senior manager of Downstream Operations Refining & Canadian Oil Sands Program at American Petroleum Institute.

The proposed TransCanada Corporation pipeline would carry crude oil from Alberta to Nebraska, where it would link up with an existing pipeline that connects to refineries in Texas. Because it would cross the Canada-U.S. border it needs presidential approval.

Earlier this year a State Department study found that the proposed Keystone XL pipeline would not contribute to global warming, although environmentalists dispute the findings.

In South Dakota, home to some of the nation’s poorest American Indians, tribes are busy preparing for nonviolent battle with “resistance training” aimed at TransCanada, the company that wants to develop the 1,700-mile pipeline.

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