On Radioactivity today: The BP disaster: should our Governor start legal action against the companies involved? And where do our federal income taxes go?

04/18/11 Robert Lorei
Radioactivity: Live Call-In (Friday)

Coming up today we'll hear from local attorney Steve Yerrid who says the state of Florida needs to be more aggressive in pursuing legal action against those who are responsible for the BP oil disaster. Yerrid had been an advisor to former Governor Charlie Crist for legal claims involving the BP blowout. He worked pro bono. But since Governor Rick Scott has taken over the reigns of power Yerrid has had no communication with the new administration. Yerrid and his team devoted more than 1,000 hours of work to the disaster. But neither Governor Scott nor his administration have asked to look at the material he developed.

This week marks the first anniversary of the BP blowout. On the second part of the program we'll talk about the federal income tax. Some have suggested that the income tax be replaced by a "Fair Tax" or national sales tax. We'll hear an NPR story about the fair tax. And we'll talk with Jo Commerford.

Comerford is executive director of the National Priorities Project, which features the chart "Tax Day 2011: Where Do Your Tax Dollars Go? Breakdown of One Dollar." It gives the following breakdown: "27.4¢ on Military, 21.5¢ on Health, 13.8¢ on Interest on Debt, 10.9¢ on Income Security & Labor, 4.9¢ on Housing & Community, 4.2¢ on Food, 3.9¢ on Veterans' Benefits, 3.5¢ on Education, 3.3¢ on Government & Commerce, 3¢ on Environment, Energy & Science, 2.2¢ on Transportation, 1.2¢ on International Affairs."

The group's blog includes an analysis of the recent budget agreements and proposals.

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" Impeach The Governor of Florida"

where is Rick Scott taking Florida ?? Down the happy crapper...Like the speed rail Scott took Florida out the Law suit aganist the Trans Alantic ... "IMPEACH this jerk"