On Senate floor, Marco Rubio calls for assassination of Libya's Moammar Gadhafi

06/28/11 Seán Kinane
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The U.S. Senate is taking up the question about whether President Barack Obama is acting within the law by ordering U.S. involvement in the NATO attack on Libya. On the Senate floor, Florida’s junior U.S. Senator Marco Rubio blamed Obama for how NATO’s war on Libya is going.

"Only when the Gadhafi mercenaries were on the outskirts of Bengazi threatening to massacre thousands of innocent civilians did the President finally agree to participate. But even that was botched. First we ceded most of the operation over to our NATO allies and god bless them for trying but they do not have the military capability to finish the job. Second, the President never consulted Congress, again ignoring a co-equal branch of government unnecessarily. And then when he was finally pressed under the War Powers Act he claimed that the United States is not involved in hostilities in Libya. Why we have reached this point is something that history will have to explain. Suffice it to say that it didn't have to be this way. And the reason why it is is 100 percent the result of the President's failure to lead."

While criticizing Obama’s handling of the war on Libya, Rubio supports continued U.S. involvement. He said there are four things the U.S. should do from here, including attempting to assassinate Moammar Gadhafi.

"This is not about hawks versus doves or interventionist versus isolationist or any of the other labels that people throw around here. This cannot be about how upset we are at the President for botching the handling of this matter. What we need to do next should be decided upon what is in the best interests of our country. And here's the reality; whether you agree with it or not the United States is engaged in a fight and it is a fight that has only 2 possible endings. It can end with the fall of a brutal, criminal, anti-American dictator or it can end with the dictator's victory over our allies and us. I would suggest that given these 2 choices the best choice for America is the first one. The fall of the anti-American dictator."

"So going forward how can we do this? Well first we should officially recognize the transitional national council. Second, we should provide additional resources to support the council including access to Libya's frozen funds here in the United States and by the way we should also make sure that those frozen funds are used to reimburse us, the United States, for the cost of the operation. Third we should intensify strike operations to target the Gadhafi regime and get rid of this guy once and for all and as soon as possible. And then, fourth, we should go home and allow the Libyan people to build a new nation and a new future for themselves."

Meanwhile in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, a top State Department lawyer says Obama is acting legally with respect to Libya. Harold Koh said the war on Libya does not require congressional authorization within 60 days because it doesn’t fall within the 1973 War Powers Resolution because the military’s role is limited.

But Senator Richard Lugar said President Obama does not have the authority to substitute his judgment for the constitutional process.

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Headline is outrageous

Most misleading headline of all time. "[W]e should intensify strike operations to target the Gadhafi regime and get rid of this guy once and for all" does not equate to "assassinate him." It means dismantle his regime and he'll be forced to flee. Of course, people are always tweeting the headline as if he really said it. Irresponsible, dangerous "journalism."

I blame Obama

I blame Obama for this mess.

Headline is not misleading...

I don’t think the headline is misleading. If you said “…get rid of this guy once and for all and as soon as possible…” and that guy ended up dead… the cops would be at your front door in 5 minutes!!! I also agree with what Senator Rubio said. However… I don’t think the President has violated the “War Powers Act” by loaning out our military to NATO…