Open phones including a discussion of medical marijuana and Duke Energy's local nuclear plants

08/12/13 Robert Lorei
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Good morning, welcome to Radioactivity. I'm Rob Lorei. Coming up we'll open the phones to talk about two topics. One is the reversal of CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta on medical marijuana. He once opposed it. Now he says he was wrong. View his apology here. We'll also discuss an article on yesterday's business page of the Tampa Bay Times on what could be done with the money customers have already paid Duke Energy and its predecessor companies for two failed nuclear plants: the Crystal River plant and the proposed new plant in Levy County which has now been cancelled by Duke Energy.

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Re: the medical marijuana issue and whether it should be legalized for recreational use, the issue here is the one of addiction, not of substance. One can use marijuana recreationally without abusing it, if it is used moderately and it doesn't interfere with one's life and productivity. People can use many things addictively, including exercise, food, sex, alcohol, shopping, tobacco, even work! It doesn't mean that any of these should be made illegal. I did not use marijuana for 30 years when I was injured in a car accident and suffered from chronic pain. A friend from CA suggested I try it and I take about one hit per hour or two to keep a small amount in my bloodstream to fight pain. It enables me to be functional and productive in my work. Legalization of marijuana would not only help millions of Floridians with their pain, but also would generate jobs and tax revenue. It would be a boon to Florida's economy and well-being. Please go to United for Care .com and sign the petition to get the issue on the ballot in 2014.

I am ALL for legalizing marijuana! More importantly medical marijuana! I do not smoke weed however I need help with my auto-immune disease (Celiac Disease.) I suffer needlessly from this disease and nothing helps except maybe pepto bismol and that is very minimal. NO prescription drugs help this condition!! And even if they did all medications have side effects especially for long term use! With my disease the symptoms (when I get sick) are lethargy, depression, no appetite, extreme gut pain and other bathroom issues, which I do not need to mention details of that. We all know what happens when we eat something bad and we pay the price in the bathroom. I also suffer from "social anxiety" which I find difficult to relax and many situations. I rarely drink alcohol because it is not good for the body and I do not like the effects it has on me. I may have a "gluten free" beer on occasion or a glass of wine in social functions. Alcohol is monitored by the government and is much more dangerous than marijuana!! We really need to get past those Nixon/Reagan years on the so called "war on drugs" which obviously did not work, oh except for the extremely high incarceration rate we are currently dealing with! Many lives have been ruined because of this law. I am not against drug laws by any means for hardened drugs, drug gangs and crimes involved, however, marijuana, controlled just like alcohol makes total sense to me and medical marijuana is simple a no brainer! So please Florida, legalize medical marijuana so that people like myself, who do suffer needlessly for medical conditions can have help, without resorting to strong medications with side effects!