Open Phones Last Call Part One

08/02/13 Warren Elly with Wayne Garcia
WMNF Drive-Time News Friday | Listen to this entire show:

Today on the extended Last Call Warren Elly's guest Journalist Wayne Garcia, teaches at USF and some classes at UF, he’s a one time political consultant who ran campaigns, and saw politics not just as a reporter but as an insider.

The show also talks about the dream defenders stand your ground protest finishing its third week in Tallahassee outside Governor Scott’s office, house speaker Will Weatherford now says in an op ed piece in the Tampa Tribune, that the controversial stand your ground law should be the subject of a public hearing, and should be as he put it “evaluated” while Weatherford correctly states that stand your ground was not used as a defense by George Zimmerman in the Trayvon Martin case…Weatherford ignores the fact that the law’s language is used in jury instructions on degrees of murder and manslaughter state wide. Weatherford rejects the Dream defender’s demand for a special session.

And lastly we talk about Tampa DUI Squad reorganized after set up arrest of a lawyer in the Tampa shock jock case.

-duke power, dumping plans for a new nuclear plant in levy county, will collect a cool 2.5 billion dollars from consumers under that charge the ratepayer in advance plan for unbuilt nuclear plants passed by the state legislature… and from the closing of the crystal river plant….

But wait - Now the Utilities CEO says she thinks we ought to be paying the utilities in advance for all new power plants – not just nuclear!!!!!

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