Oregon Farm Coalition's fight against Monsanto and The real reason why girls are outperforming boys in school

05/29/14 Rob Lorei
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Disadvantaged boys?

BRYCE COVERT, Economic Policy Director of Think Progress, contributor to The Nation, writer for many publications including the New York Times, Slate, the Atlantic and others. What started out to be an interview regarding the economic disadvantages women have in the workplace, particularly in light of the seemingly recent discovery that girls are outperforming boys in school, getting more degrees and are better educated. Alarmist bells were sounded and rational minds tried to remind them that this was nothing new, this has long been the case. The problem is not disadvantaged boys but a real world that is skewered for men and against women. However, Friday, when the horrible tragedy occurred in Santa Barbara, it forced one to take the discussion deeper, into the whole spectrum of violence against women. Shootings are obvious. Wage disparity, name calling not so obvious.

Monsanto doesn’t always win?

ELISE HIGLEY, organic farmer with 100 acres in Oregon, founder and director of Saving Our Family Farms will discuss the recent vote in two Oregon counties. In Tuesday’s election in Jackson County, 66% of the residents voted to ban GMO crops. Monsanto and five other corporations spent at least $455,000 to defeat the initiative and outspent the opponents by at least 8 to 1. The farmers and their supporters talked to the voters, their neighbors, and when the count was in the vote was overwhelmingly in their favor. This is a fitting follow up to last weekend’s demonstrations against Monsanto. Sometimes Davey wins.

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