Organic Hydroponics & Urban Gardening

05/13/13 Jon Butts
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Today’s program features Robert Tornello from 3 Boys Farm in Ruskin, a high tech hydroponic farm, the only Certified Organic hydroponic vegetable operation in the USA, and David Whitwam with Whitwam Organics, an urban garden designer and supplier near downtown Tampa. Robert discusses all the obstacles he overcame to finally become Certified Organic and the pitfalls of traditional hydroponic operations. David has been working with folks that have failed trying to do backyard hydroponic operations for years, and is very interested in the solutions for problems that cause the recurring failures with hydroponic growing. Robert’s interest was sparked by a trip to EPCOT and their hydroponic attraction. Monitoring, record keeping, sanitation, and fermented cane molasses all play a role in his success story.

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After 8 years of do the SL Program without a show on hydroponic's, Robert was an excellent guest on the topic! This years IFAS Florida Small Farm Conference in August will offer a workshop with a trip to EPCOT.