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The Hillsborough County Commission has cut the sales tax which funds the county's innovative health care program for the working poor. Because the tax was lowered from one half to one quarter cent backers say the level of health care is in danger of being cut. Dena Gross Leavengood, the immediate past president of the Hillsbrough County League of Women Voters, Mary Ellen Gillette of the Health Care Advisory Board, and Leo Matti of the Asthma and Allergy Foundation.

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WMNF's Mitch Perry made a fact finding visit to WBAI-FM in New York City where he investigated the end to official daily broadcasts of Democracy Now from the Pacifica-owned radio stations. Perry reported on what he found including his discussions with WBAI manager Utrice Leid and WBAI music director Mathew Finch as well as his discussions with fired program director Bernard White and ex-programmer Ursula Ruedenberg.

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Is Israel on the brink of war with the Palestinians?


Interview with Hussein Ibish, the Communications director of the American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee. Ibish described why there is so much anger among Palestinians living in the occupied territories, the restrictions on democratic rights, and what he says is the move in Israel toward a South Africa-like treatment of Palestinians.

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The Explosive Growth in CEO pay


Chris Hartman, the research director at the group UNITED FOR A FAIR ECONOMY discussed the group's new study in which CEO's of corporations that were laying off workers, were being given pay and bonus raises of about 20% in 2000 while salaried and hourly workers on average were getting 3-4% raises. Hartman says this income inequality is excessive, especially in light of the failure of these CEO's to make their businesses profitable.

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HOMEOPATHY: What is it, how does it work and what are it's uses?


St. Petersburg homeopath Martin Keane discussed the theory of homeopathy, and its history.

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The North American Free Trade Agreement


NAFTA was passed in 1993 and has been in effect for 7 years. Mike Dolan of Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch says the net effect in Mexico and the United States has been a loss of jobs, farms, and erosion of environmental and safety laws. Dolan was in Tampa to unveil a new report on NAFTA's effects on Florida.

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Director Peter Alexander discussed the new film "THE PROFIT", a period piece on cults


Alexander is a former cult member who ultimately left the group after reading about the organization's history on the internet. He made the film to warn people about the danger of mind-control groups. This was Alexander's directorial debut and was shot in various locations around the Tampa Bay area including Ybor City, Hyde Park and Fort Desoto.

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Police Harassment of Bicyclists in Pinellas?


Kimberly Cooper is a commuter who bikes from her home in North St. Petersburg to her job near the Carillon area in north Pinellas. She has been given 8 traffic citations in the last 3 years for biking in the middle of the right traffic lane. Cooper (and her attorney Anthony Clifton) say that her actions are entirely legal and they say police are harassing her. Also on the show Gina Torres, the Bicycle and pedestrian co-ordinator for Hillsborough County and Tina Russo, president of the Florida...

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How Other Countries Deal With Drugs


St. Petersburg Times Foreign Correspondent Susan Taylor Martin discussed her three part series (U.S. Vs Them) on the U.S. drug war and possible alternatives. Martin visited Canada, Switzerland, and the Netherlands to see how decriminalization and prescriptions for drugs have impacted crime, health, government spending and illicit drug use.

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Domestic Spying and FBI traitor Robert Hanssen


During the 1980's the FBI conducted widespread surveillance of many liberal activist and peace groups. Curiously, Hanssen, who was recently arrested for selling secrets to the Russian and Soviet governments, played a major role in that spying operation. Our guest today, Jonathan Dann wrote about this strange combination for the Los Angeles Times.

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