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Open phones to discuss the widespread GOP victory in yesterday's election.

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This past Saturday seven people were arrested for peacefully holding signs and protesting the visit of President George W. Bush to the USF Sundome in Tampa. Our guests were three of the people arrested: Joe Redner, Jeff Marks, and Adam Elend. The trio says they were told they were being arrested for "trespassing on private property", yet they were on the publicly-owned campus of the University of South Florida.

In addition, this program featured an interview with Nova Morgan, a poll train...

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The state of Florida pension fund lost hundreds of millions of dollars after managers invested employee pension funds in Enron. Corporate scandals have taken money directly out of the pockets of millions of Americans. The Institute for America’s Future has found that individual retirement accounts have lost over $175 billion. American Family Voices has determined that public pension funds across America have lost at least $6.4 billion. And over one million workers have lost their jo...

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During this show WMNF provided time on a first-come, first-serve basis to any candidate who is appearing on next Tuesday's ballot. More than 20 candidates took us up on our offer. The announcement for free air time was made on WMNF beginning on 10/28/2002. Among the candidates who recorded two minute messages: candidates for governor, agriculture commissioner, state senate, state house, circuit court, county commission, school board and charter review. Among the counties in which the candidat...

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The Tampa premiere of the new film BLOODY SUNDAY. In this segment we hear from Don Mullan, author of EYEWITNESS BLOODY SUNDAY. He was in the crowd on Sunday, January 30th, 1972 - when British troops fired on an unarmed crowd of Catholic human rights demonstrators. Twenty-seven people were shot, 13 died. The new film is shot in documentary style and raises still unanswered questions about the shootings and subsequent investigations by the British government. The shootings increased the militan...

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COMBINING THE MUSLIM FAITH WITH FEMINISM: ARE THESE TWO VALUES COMPATIBLE? Dr. Riffat Hassan is a tenured professor of religious studies and humanities at the University of Louisville (Kentucky). She says that the Islamic religion is misunderstood and stereotyped by many in the west. Hassan says progressive, tolerant, peaceful values are part of the Muslim tradition, but those values are downplayed in the patriarchal way Islam is currently interpreted by many in the Muslim faith. Dr. Hassan f...

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Our guest is Jim Hightower, the newspaper columnist, author, populist and former Texas Commissioner of Agriculture. His appearance previews his speech at this weekend's benefit for WMNF. Hightower does not see the political divide as one between Democratic and Republican parties, but as one between the top and bottom of the income scale. He says too much power resides in the hands of the wealthy and CEOs. As an example, he says, look at the lenient treatment given CEOs recently caught in corp...

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Billy Bragg was one of the first British musicians to combine a punk sensibility with political protest. In this interview Bragg discussed his early musical career, his family, his support of worker movements, his musical influences, and his work with the band WILCO to put some of the lyrics of Woody Guthrie to music. The resulting CDs MERMAID AVENUE VOLUME I and II were best sellers.

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Larry Dossey, MD is the author of several books which establish a connection between positive feelings, prayer, imagery, spirituality and healing. The books include REINVENTING MEDICINE, MEANING AND MEDICINE and HEALING WORDS. He is also editor of the peer-reviewed medical journal ALTERNATIVE THERAPIES.

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OUR MOLECULAR FUTURE (Prometheus Books 2002), a new book by Douglas Mulhall, discusses nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, and self-assembling molecules. Among the uses: - A potential cause of - and cure for - heart disease - Desktop printing has graduated to three-dimensional "desktop manufacturing," where products are printed in a box...foretelling the end of the assembly line. - Nanotechnology has been used to produce a super-strong "aerogel" that may protect our homes and workpl...

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