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Interview with Rudolph Ballentine, MD on diet, nutrition, detoxification and the mind-body connection. Ballentine is the author of RADICAL HEALING.

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Hiaasen is the author of several books including TOURIST SEASON, STRIP TEASE and his latest BASKET CASE. He is an astute observer of Florida and all it's foibles: unrelenting development, political scandal, environmental destruction, drug smuggling and welfare for the rich. He discussed all of these issues as well as his interest in music and his fear that modern newspapers are failing to do anything more than make profits for their corporate owners.

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Several local environmental groups are calling on Congress to set the country on the road to energy independence, while protecting the country's natural areas. Guests Darden Rice of the Tampa Bay Chapter of the Sierra Club, Daphne Sorenson of the Florida Public Interest Research Group, and Niki Blair of the local office of the National Environmental Trust were the guests. They said the U.S. should have policies requiring greater automobile/truck fuel efficiency standards, greater investment i...

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Interview with St. Petersburg NAACP president Darryl Rouson. He discussed a recent controversy involving the level of policing in the city. Rouson is calling for greater police presence to clear drug dealers from the city's mid-town section. Simultaneously, he's asking for greater economic investment in the Midtown section.

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Jerome Ryans, Executive Director of the Tampa Housing Authority


Ryans discussed renovations of the THA's 3400 units, the controversial "one strike policy", the removal of low income people from the central city under HOPE 6, and the plans for improving public housing in Tampa. To complain about the condition of your public housing unit in Tampa call: 813 253-0551.

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The Daughters of Mazen Al-Najar / Nat Hentoff on Civil Liberties


Interview with the daughters of Mazen Al-Najar (Yara 13, Sarah 11 and Safa 6) about their father's re-arrest 4 days ago. He is from the Palestinian territory and in the U.S. on an invalid visa. Supporters say he is being politically persecuted because he has associated with advocates of the Palestinian cause. Also, 1:15-2PM: Interview with Nat Hentoff on the curtailment of civil liberties, the establishment of military tribunals and the expansion of federal power to conduct surveillance of ...

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Fay Law of the Pinellas League of Women Voters


Interview with Fay Law of the Pinellas League of Women Voters over the proposal to create an independent commission to oversee redistricting in Florida. Law argues that the state legislature is the wrong body to draw up congressional and state legislative districts. She says the legislature should be replaced by an independent commission.

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2001 Women's Peacepower Awards


Interview with six winners of the 2001 Women's Peacepower Awards. Peacepower is an organization dedicated to peaceful social change. The group, headquartered in Dade City, gave out 20 awards this year. Six of the winners were interviewed this hour:

Mandisa Monakali, Capetown, South Africa

In the late 1980's and Capetown was rife with an ungovernable government and widespread civil unrest. Most black townships had strict confinement and curfews. The youth were at the forefront of th...

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Interview with Bradenton defense attorney Mark Lipinski on the Delta Squad scandal. Four Bradenton sherrif's deputies have pleaded guilty to various crimes including robbing, beating suspects; stealing from suspects and planting false evidence.

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Guns As A Consumer Issue?


Our Guests: Sue Peschin, Firearms Project Director at the Consumer Federation of America, and Bill Newton and Lisa Lester of the Florida Consumer Action Network discussed the Firearms Safety and Consumer Protection Act. This act would give consumer's some federal protection for guns and ammunition that are poorly designed or manufactured. Right now only two products: guns and tobacco are not regulated by the federal government.

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