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Adjunct instructors at USF will join national walkout Wednesday listen

02/24/15 Seán Kinane
MidPoint with WMNF News Tuesday
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Tags: USF, labor, unions, adjunct professors, education, strike, walkout


Some adjunct instructors will walk out of class Wednesday at noon at USF. The rally is part of a nationwide walkout called National Adjunct Walkout Day where adjunct instructors are protesting the fact that they don’t get the same full-time pay or benefits as their tenure-track colleagues. WMNF News interviewed Cole Bellamy. He has a Master of Fine Arts degree in creative writing and is an adjunct instructor of Eng...

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The Ralph Nader Radio Hour interviews Peace Activist Frances Crowe

02/24/15 Rob Lorei
Radioactivity: Live Call-In (Tuesday)
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Tags: Frances Crowe, peace, Pacifism, Civil Disobedience, Ralph Nader Radio Hour, Libya, United Airlines, Steve Skrovan, David Feldman

Today Radioactivity airs the latest episode of KPFK's Ralph Nader Radio Hour. Nader conducts a fascinating interview with pacifist Frances Crowe, who has been objecting war since the nuclear bombings of Nagasaki and Hiroshimi in World War II. During the Vietnam war she helped thousands register as conscious objectors of war and refused to pay war taxes since the beginning of the Iraq War. Her activism and civil disobedience has led to her arrest many times, although not enough, in her own wor...

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Questions answered about the Hillsborough high-speed ferry listen

02/23/15 Seán Kinane
MidPoint with WMNF News Monday
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Tags: Ferry, Hillsborough County, Ed Turanchik, Hillsborough County Commission, HMS Ferries, Tampa Bay, MacDill Air Force Base


Last Wednesday the Hillsborough County Commission voted to support, in principle, moving forward with a high-speed ferry project in Tampa Bay.

The proposed ferry would link commuters in the south county with jobs at MacDill Air Force Base. In off-peak hours it could connect downtown Tampa with downtown St. Petersburg or other areas.

Taxpayers would be on the hook for capital outlays of the pr...

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Bi-partisan efforts lead 2016 ballot initiative to expand solar power choice in Florida.

02/23/15 Rob Lorei
Radioactivity: Live Call-In (Monday)
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Tags: solar energy, 2016 Ballot, Tory Perfetti, Susan Glickman, Floridians for Solar Choice, Conservatives for Energy Freedom, Southern Alliance for Clean Energy


Today on Radioactivity we talk about a solar energy ballot initiative whose supporters run the political gamut. Over the last month, The Floridians of Solar Choice petition drive has garnered over 100,000 signatures to add an initiative onto the 2016 ballot that would allow Florida businesses and residents to sell solar power to a third party.Conservatives for Energy Freedom's Tory Perfetti and Susan Glickman of Southern Alliance for Clean Energy join us to talk about their work for the initi...

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Tampa Bay Times Writer Stephen Nohlgreen analyzes the Rays' future prospects in St. Pete

02/21/15 Rob Lorei
Radioactivity: Live Call-In (Friday)

Tags: St.Petersburg, Tampa Bay Rays, Tropicana Field, Stephen Nohlgren


Yesterday The St. Petersburg City Council discussed the Tampa Bay Ray's future in St.Pete, tentatively deciding to look further into the team's economic impact for the city. Journalist Stephen Nohlgren has been covering the story for the Tampa Bay Times and today he joins us to explain the possibility of the team's departure, and what would happen to the large swath of property the Tropicana field currently resides on.

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Artist Nick Cave Brings Heard to Lights on Tampa; William Downs & George Long Create Chaos at Tempus Projects.

Art In Your Ear
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Tags: Nick Cave, Lights on Tampa, Heard, Tempus Projects, William Downs, George Long

Nick Cave (artist, not singer) is a Chicago based artist who combines movement with sculptural costumes and music, has brought his team, Bob Faust and William Gill, to recreate and update Heard at the Lights on Tampaart festival.

Tempus Projects shows the next great art, whether home grown or imported from Atlanta. William Downs and George Long are intensely collaborating on the...

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St. Pete City Council member Karl Nurse: Rays stadium saga more nuanced than expected listen

02/20/15 Janelle Irwin
MidPoint with WMNF News Friday
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Tags: Tampa Bay Rays, St. Pete City Council, Karl Nurse, Tropicana Field, Janelle Irwin

St. Pete City Council is in unanimous agreement – they want to keep the Rays in St. Pete. During a workshop considering various stadium options, the board voted on a resolution declaring their support for keeping Major League Baseball in the city.

That vote, though seemingly insignificant, is intended to send a message to Rays ownership that City Council is willing to work with them. That vote comes after a December 18 meeting where the board rejected a “memorandum of understanding” struck...

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Debt forgiveness for struggling countries, Nurse Practitioner autonomy, and education as a civil right on today's Radioactivity listen

02/19/15 Rob Lorei
Radioactivity: Live Call-In (Thursday)
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Tags: debt forgiveness, Nurse Practitioners, education, civil rights, Janet Dubois, Marcus Bright, Andrew Hanauer

Joining us today is Andrew Hanauer,Campaign Director of Jubilee USA, a DC-based non-profit that advocates for national debt relief for struggling countries. Hanauer argues that great national debts prevent some countries, such as Greece, from developing thriving economies. Jubilee USA so far has won over $130 billion for national debt relief and debt cancellation.

Next: It is estimated that Florida will be short 7000 doctors by 2025. Can Nurse Practiti...

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The Nation's John Nichols on Scott Walker, the man who wants to be President listen

02/19/15 Mitch E. Perry
MidPoint with WMNF News Thursday
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Tags: Nation Magazine, John Nichols, Rand Paul, Jeb Bush

The Nation magazine's John Nichols was our guest. Living part-time in Madison, Nichols knows Walker well and gave us insights about the Wisconsin Republican Governor, who is making a serious bid for the 2016 GOP nomination.

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Grassroots organizations move forward on new transportation coalition for Hillsborough County listen

02/18/15 Samuel Johnson
MidPoint with WMNF News Wednesday
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Tags: Hillsborough County Classroom Teachers Association, Connect Tampa Bay, Fight for 15, Florida Consumer Action Network, Sierra Club, Awake Tampa, Justicia


A diverse collection of organizations want to provide a blueprint for better transportation in Hillsborough County. They brainstormed over transit principles, guidelines and implementation at the Hillsborough County Classroom Teachers Association in Tampa Tuesday night. The rainy weather reinforced the need for improved transportation options in Hillsborough.

The transportation “super group” is made up of grassroots organizations for boots-on-the-ground ...

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