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Group: Crist is slacking off on pollution violators listen

06/05/09 Mitch E. Perry
WMNF Drive-Time News Friday
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According to an analysis of state enforcement statistics released earlier this week, the Charlie Crist’s administration’s touted 2007 pledge to toughen anti-pollution enforcement in Florida has been a failure. That’s according to the Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility.

Doug Tobin, a spokesman for the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, was dismissive of the new report.

Jerry Phillips with Florida PEER says that while enforcement records are available fr...

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St. Pete fertilizer ordinance clears first hurdle listen

03/05/09 Seán Kinane
WMNF Drive-Time News Thursday
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St. Petersburg is one step closer to passing ordinances to cut down on fertilizer pollution that runs off into Tampa Bay and other bodies of water.

This morning City Council passed on first reading a modified form of a fertilizer ordinance created as a model that can be adopted by all local governments.

Because nitrogen and phosphorous in lawn fertilizers run off into the Bay and cause algae blooms, fish kills, and other environmental disasters, the [Tampa Bay Estuary Program](http://w...

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EPC considers nitrogen fertilizer ban listen

12/18/08 Seán Kinane
WMNF Drive-Time News Thursday
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To cut down on nitrogen pollution entering the region’s water, the Tampa Bay Estuary Program has suggested that local governments forbid their residents from using nitrogen fertilizers on lawns during the summer rainy season. In their meeting this morning, the Hillsborough County Environmental Protection Commission (EPC) heard about why such an ordinance is needed.

To make it easier for local governments to enact these nitrogen fertilizer restrictions, last month the Tampa Bay Estuary Pr...

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Effect of oil drilling in the gulf

06/18/08 Robert Lorei
Radioactivity: Live Call-In (Wednesday)
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As John McCain and Florida Gov. Charlie Crist change positions and call for expanded offshore oil and gas drilling, we look at the environmental consequences.

Anthony Amos is an instructor at the Marine Science Institute at the University of Texas at Austin, Port Aransas. For 30 years, he has observed the effect of deep-sea oil drilling along the Texas coast. In this interview he described the range of pollution he's observed.

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