Palm Beach Post journalist investigates Florida's Privatized Prisons

12/04/13 Robert Lorei
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Investigative Reporter Pat Beall, Palm Beach Post

Radioactivity explores a series that the Palm Beach Post did recently on prison privatization. The paper reported lavish campaign contributions from private prison firms- and a series of problems- including many incidents of violence that have gone under-reported.

Rob Lorei interviews guest, Pat Beall an investigative reporter for The Palm Beach Post. She spent eight months investigating what's going on in Florida's privatized prisons. Roughly one out of every ten prisoners in Florida is held in a privately managed state lockup. Florida's private prisons have a better track record than private prisons around the nation when it comes to riots, squalor and federal investigations. But there are other problems- including unexplained violent incidents resulting in death or injury; little or no cost savings to state tax payers and a high prisoner to guard ratio.

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