Parent trigger bill narrowly defeated, Court rules Senate redistricting maps no good

03/09/12 Lisa Marzilli
Last Call Friday | Listen to this entire show:

The 2012 state legislative session ended around midnight on Saturday, but lawmakers will be coming back for a special session later this month after the Supreme Court shot down the Senate’s redistricting maps today.

In other big state news, the “Parent Empowerment Act’ was narrowly rejected in the Senate Friday afternoon on a 20-20 tie vote. The so called “parent trigger” bill would have allowed a simple majority of parents at a failing school (just 51%) to choose a ‘turnaround’ strategy which could have included handing the school over to a private, for-profit charter school company.

Democrats may be the minority up in Tallahassee but they've been anything but silent this session. Senator Nan Rich (Democrat out of Weston) has been the “Mike Fasano” of this trigger bill legislation. And by that I mean an articulate, progressive and outspoken critic of what many see as an effort to privatize the public school system here in Florida. We opened today's Last Call with a couple of minutes of a powerful speech Rich gave on the floor of the Senate this afternoon just prior to the vote on the parent trigger bill.

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