Pastures of Plenty - The Farm Workers Struggle continues Thanksgiving 2013

11/27/13 Warren Elly with Javier Izaguirre and John Ovink
Last Call Wednesday | Listen to this entire show:
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Today on Thanksgiving Eve; Last Call explores the Farm Workers who harvest the plenty we will feast upon tomorrow.

The faces of the migrant pickers have changed from poor whites and blacks to Hispanics, most from Mexico, but farm workers are still on the lowest of rungs, many living in fear of deportation and separation from their families, in this, the richest country in the world.

Warren Elly welcomes guest Javier Izaguirre from Ruskin’s Beth El Farmworker Mission. Javier himself has worked in the fields. He also speaks with John O’Vink, a long time immigration attorney and activist who spends his days trying to keep families together by working to win citizenship for people fighting to stay here.

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