Paul Dix: Eyewitness To Nicaragua

12/09/11 Robert Lorei
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Peace activist and photographer Paul Dix has compiled a new book called: Nicaragua: Surviving the Legacy of U.S. Policy. It is a 220-page bilingual photographic journey that began during the 1980s Contra War when Paul photographed hundreds of victims of the U.S.-sponsored conflict in Nicaragua. In 2002 Paul returned to the country to locate more than 100 of the people he had photographed during the war. This search became a 17-month odyssey full of detective work, long waits, dead ends, exhausting bus rides, and joyful encounters. He found a people who were strong and resilient, but who were struggling to survive in poverty-ridden situations. All were war victims who candidly related their compelling and often traumatic histories. From those interviewed 30 were chosen for the book. The powerful "then and now" photographs of the people who gave the testimonies span periods of up to 22 years. Pail Dix joins us now.

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