Peace activists plan No War With Syria rally in Tampa Saturday

08/30/13 Samar Jarrah, Rob Lorei, Seán Kinane
WMNF Drive-Time News Friday | Listen to this entire show:

Peace activists are planning a No War With Syria demonstration in South Tampa Saturday at 6 p.m. They’re gathering at the corner of Gandy Boulevard and Dale Mabry Highway.

One of the organizers from St. Pete for Peace was on the WMNF program True Talk Friday morning. Host Samar Jarrah is in Jordan but used Skype to interview Chris Ernesto, who was in the studio with Rob Lorei.

President Barack Obama says he hasn't made a final decision about a military strike against Syria. But he says he's considering a limited and narrow action in response to a chemical weapons attack that he says Syria's government carried out last week.

Secretary of State John Kerry says the U.S. knows based on intelligence that the Syrian regime carefully prepared for days to launch a chemical weapons attack.

Kerry referred to a public report on intelligence gathered about last week's deadly attack. It was released Friday.

Meanwhile, British Prime Minister David Cameron lost a vote endorsing military action against Syria by 13 votes last night. It was a stunning defeat that will almost guarantee that Britain plays no direct role in any U.S. attack on Bashar Al-Assad's government.

Experts say a chemical weapons storehouse can’t simply be bombed into oblivion. That may be why the United States is probably targeting something other than Syria's nerve agents. But now there is concern that bombing other sites could accidentally release dangerous chemical weapons that the U.S. military didn't know were there because they've lost track of some of the nerve agents.

But not everyone in the Tampa Bay region supports a military strike on Syria.

Tampa area member of Congress Kathy Castor (D) has posted a letter to President Obama on her website dated today calling for restraint. It reads, in part, "Without a direct threat to the national security of the United States, I oppose an overt military strike against Syria. As I have visited with my neighbors across my district this month I have heard from many of them who are extremely wary of military action."

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Great to hear about this!!! unfortunately, have a prior commitment and am carpooling with friends and don't like to cancel on a commitment. Am with you all in spirit!!! as we all are!!! Peace on Earth!! War has to stop since it's not the only solution!!!

How come a search does not bring up the Alan Grayson quotes as mentioned on Radioactivity today?

Hi Amanda, You should be able to go here and select the date of 8/30/13 to hear the Grayson quotes:

yay! another plus for wmnf! this station is almost single-handedly responsible for getting Obama elected in Florida -a powerhouse for change -good luck