PETA “chicks” in bikinis protest Tampa McDonald's for chain’s chicken cruelty

04/29/11 Seán Kinane
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Why were two slender young women wearing yellow bikinis and waving at traffic in front of a McDonald’s on 50th street in Tampa this morning? The activists from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, or PETA, were drawing attention to what they say are inhumane chicken-killing practices in the slaughterhouses of McDonald’s suppliers.

Arthur Andrews from Tampa was passing by and says the information he learned from the PETA spokespeople will keep him away from eating at McDonald's.

A McDonald’s spokesperson said nobody from the fast food company would be available for a taped interview. But an unsigned statement read, in part, “McDonald’s expects humane treatment of animals by our suppliers … McDonald’s requires our food suppliers to do the right thing – for animals, for humans, and for the environment. Our goal has always been to lead the industry by bringing about improvements in animal welfare including rigorous, ongoing audits of our suppliers’ facilities.”

One of the bikini activists, Tracy Patton, isn’t buying it. Patton is an international grassroots campaign coordinator for PETA.

The other self-described PETA “chick” in a bikini, Leila Sleiman, is from Phoenix.

A woman passing by on the sidewalk along the busy street, Cheena Gonzalez from Clearwater, took some information about chicken slaughterhouses from the PETA activists.

But not everyone was convinced. Dee Dee Tabia is from Tampa and said despite what she learned about animal cruelty she will still shop every day at McDonald’s.



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Photos of PETA Tampa McDonald’s protest on WMNF News Facebook page

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Mmmmmm tater tahtots...

YO… Mickey Dee!!! Just stick to Egg McMuff Burgers and scrambling the “hen fruits”… it’s not cruelty if the embryos aren’t viable!!!