Pinellas County begins recycling program for beaches

07/13/11 Olivia Kabat
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A new Gulf Beaches Recycling Program is providing Pinellas beachgoers the opportunity to recycle. It will make recycling at the beach easy and convenient.

If you visit any of the Gulf beaches or Pinellas County beach parks you may see new blue plastic recycling containers. Pinellas County’s Solid Waste Program Supervisor, Bill Embry hopes to provide the community with an easy way to recycle all their plastic and aluminum containers.

"The ultimate goal is to have every community that has a beach, have the opportunity to have a recycling program."

With about 350 containers at more than a dozen community beach locations, the Gulf Beach Recycling Program emphasizes the “go green” message while reducing trash on beaches by 50%. Embry supports recycling and awareness of proper trash disposal.

"You know everybody should be aware of reducing the amount of waste that they dispose and by putting recyclable materials like plastic bottles and aluminum cans in a recycling bin, then we're reducing the amount of waste that ultimately goes to the landfill or waste energy plant."

According to Pinellas County 99% of people at the beach would recycle if they had the opportunity.

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