Pinellas County Commission Chair on the Upcoming Meetings About the County Budget; and FOODOPOLY with Author Wenonah Hauter

04/08/13 Robert Lorei
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Good morning, Welcome to Radioactivity. I’m Rob Lorei. Coming up today- it’s time to prepare county budgets. We’ll talk with the chairman of the Pinellas County Commission Ken Welch about the upcoming budget process—as well as the referendum on mass transit that will be on next year’s ballot…..

And later- the takeover of American Agriculture by giant corporations. It’s happening. What does it mean for farmers, consumers, and people concerned about food safety. We’ll talk with Wenonah Hauter- author of the new book Foodopoly…

But first- four listener comments about last Friday’s show. We were talking with a local activist with the gun control group- Mom’s Demand Action. Here’s what four listeners had to say.


Since 2007 local governments have been cutting services and laying off staff as a result of the recession. There are signs that the economy is beginning to turn around. This week Pinellas County is getting public input about the county budget… and we’re joined now by the chair of the Pinellas County Commission, Ken Welch.

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