"Political Science" and Syria

09/04/13 Warren Elly with Vic DiMao
Last Call Wednesday | Listen to this entire show:

Today on the Last Call host Warren Elly discusses Syria. A Pew Research Poll just out says that by a 48% to 29% margin Americans oppose airstrikes against Syria over use of chemical weapons by the Assad government. 74% say airstrikes will create a backlash against the US and 61% think it would lead to a long term US military Commitment to Syria.

The show also explores state politics with guest Vic DiMaio. DiMaio helped run 21 Election campaigns in the last 12 years. In 1978 he was campaign press secretary when Bob Graham was elected governor. He was also a Democratic Consultant and Political commenter. An FIU annual report on the Florida workers has found that poverty in the state has jumped 47% between 2007 and 2011. Income inequity between the top and lowest rung of wage earners is growing much faster in Florida than in the rest of the country. Florida also has the second highest rate in US of 25 % of state’s people under 65 without heath insurance, a half a million of those folks are under age 19.

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