Preliminary welfare drug test results contrary to Governor Scott's claims

08/26/11 Lisa Marzilli, Beth Bell
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On today's Last Call we were joined by Baylor Johnson, Online Advocacy Coordinator for the ACLU of Florida who talked about the mandatory drug testing of welfare recipients in Florida, ordered by Governor Rick Scott. The program went into effect July 1.

This week the Tampa Tribune published preliminary findings by the Department of Children and Families that contradict some of the claims made by Gov. Scott about drug use by those on government assistance.

In June Scott told CNN’s T.J. Holmes that it wasn’t right for taxpayers to be subsidizing peoples’ drug addiction, even though, he admitted he had no idea how many welfare recipients might be using drugs. When Holmes challenged Scott for more proof that this was the case in Florida, Governor Scott claimed that “some studies show drug use is much higher among welfare recipients than in the population at large”. The DCF data so far shows that only 2 percent of those tested for drugs have come back positive - well below the population at large and belying claims made by Governor Rick Scott.

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Test them all...

53% Support Automatic Drug Testing For Welfare Applicants... See...

Test them for everything...

Jeez… Baylor Johnson is a product of the “New Organizing Institute” … a socialist version of the “School of the Americas”!!! The NOI teaches both propaganda development and media manipulation!!! Small wonder he worked with Rep. Paula Pierson on “Greyson’s Law”… this law took the national average standard “Newborn Testing” for 27 genetic disorders… and increased the testing to a total of 50 "RARE" genetic disorders in Texas!!! And guess who gets to pay for it??? NOT the guvment!!! OH... OH... test my kid for Ribose-5-Phosphate Isomerase Deficiency!!! My ObamaCare Insurance will pay for it... right???


Making someone get drug tested is another way to make someone feel shame for reaching out to obtain resources. It's ignorant to think most people accessing community resources are addicts. This is a waste of time and money. Think for a minute and do some research on what scotts motive is and what are some other possible reasons for needing food stamps...victim of domestic violence or lost a job. There are plenty of hardships in this world. I work with people who don't even have the cash to pay for the test-yes if your positive you get the money back but again not every one has the money to begin with. People need food today not next week when they finally scrounged up some money for someone else to feel more in control of these "addicts" or "free loaders". Think outside of the fear box.