President Obama awaits Congressional approval before Syria attack

09/03/13 Robert Lorei
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Today on Radioactivity Rob Lorei airs President Obama's address to the nation. On Saturday afternoon the president expressed his desire to take military action against the Syrian government but said he will wait on congressional approval. Later, listeners share their thoughts on Obama's address. Listen to the full show above.

President Obama’s Aug. 31 statement on Syria

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Rob, President Obama himself has expressed frustration with congress taking the opposite stand on what he says, no matter what the subject is. Is the fact that Obama wants to have a military retaliation for the use of chemical weapons a clever ploy to get congress to say no to this idea? If I recall clearly, there was a rush to go war in Iraq and if we were on the same time scale now, we would have already taken military action in Syria. It is probably a dilemma for any conservative congressman who wants to rush into a military action, yet does not want to agree with Obama, no matter what. Personally, I see this as an ideal opportunity to show the world that the United States will no longer be the world's police, judge, jury, and prosecutor by taking no military action in Syria As a symbolic gesture the US should publicly dispose of the estimated amount of chemical weapons used in Syria from the US stockpiles of chemical weapons. It probably wouldn't even put a small dent in our reserves. That will be the day. Joe