President of National Organization for Women discusses equal pay and the true cost of fracking

01/30/14 Mary Glenney
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Did You Listen to the President’s State of the Union Message Tuesday?

What do you think? Is it time to give America a raise? Decent jobs? – with futures and benefits? He certainly got one thing right – to make it happen, there has to be action. However, I am not depending on the president or congress. We have to do this for ourselves. 77 cents to the dollar? And that is for white women – if you are African American, it is 62 cents, Hispanic, 59 cents. When President Obama said “This is the world of the Mad Men” – NO, it is the world of NOW. We have been stuck there since 2002. TERRY O’NEILL, President of NOW and feminist attorney, says that when American women prosper, America prospers. Hear her breakdown of the upcoming year of action.

Energy Independence

You heard President Obama say that we are making more energy than we use. Hallelujah China! Nothing quite so fine as a little fracking in your back yard! MAURA STEPHENS, writer, theater artist, educator, and peace, justice, and sustainability activist based in central New York State., has studied and written about the true cost of fracking. She will talk about how different the modern horizontal fracking process is from the old vertical wells. (Pardon, the correct term is fracturing, but fracking somehow says it better).

Good websites for news about fracking:

Pete Seeger was a very strong supporter of the environmental efforts to stop fracking. We will discuss fracking and honor Pete on the show.

Check out:

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