Professor says McCutcheon decision uses first amendment as thuggery and a new study looks at how the gender gap keeps women in poverty

04/08/14 Robert Lorei
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Professor David Schultz

Today on Radioactivity Rob Lorei speaks with Professor David Schultz, author of Election Law and Democratic Theory, Ashgate Publishing (Jan 2014) about the Lessons of the McCutcheon decision in the supreme court. Last week, McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission was argued in front of the supreme court and its decision struck down aggregate political contribution limits.

At the core of the McCutcheon is the argument that all individuals have a right to expend unlimited money for political purposes. Because of that right, federal laws that overall limit individuals to contributing approximately $123,000 per year to candidates and political parties violated their right to free speech.

Later, Rob interviews Ariane Hegewisch with the Institute for Women's Policy Research. She is the director of a new study, "The Gender Wage Gap by Occupation 2013 and by Race and Ethnicity"

Today is "Equal Pay Day" the day on the yearÂ’s calendar that marks the approximate extra time the average American woman would need to earn as much as the average man did in the prior year. According to the federal government, women make an average of 77 cents for every dollar that men earn.

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