Proposal in Tallahassee would sharply cut wages for restaurant servers, bartenders and those that rely on tips

02/17/12 Robert Lorei
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The Orlando Sentinel reports that: "Restaurant servers, bartenders and other Florida workers who rely heavily on tips are (paying close attention to) a plan moving through the Legislature that could slash their hourly wages.

The bill (SB 2106), approved by a Senate committee Thursday, would allow restaurants and other employers to pay their staffs the federal tipped minimum wage of $2.13 an hour instead of Florida's minimum of $4.65. To qualify, companies would have to guarantee that employees would make at least $9.98 an hour, when tips are included."

To talk about this potential cut in pay is --we're joined by Heather McNally who works as a server at Walt Disney World, she is a shop steward and a member of Unite Here.

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