"Protect Your Care" protests GOP plans to cut to Medicare, Medicaid

09/23/11 Lisa Marzilli, Beth Bell
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This week Orlando is a hotbed of GOP activity. Thursday night the nine Republican presidential nominee hopefuls met for their 3rd debate in two weeks at the Orange County Convention Center. Saturday the candidates vying to replace Democratic Senator Bill Nelson will debate. Then, following a keynote address by Gov. Rick Scott, delegates will participate in Florida’s P5 Straw Poll.

Meanwhile, protesters planning to be outside this weekend's Republican events were informed that they would have a much smaller area in which to make their opinions heard. Fearing it would be too costly for police to patrol the usual "free-speech" zone, the Orlando Sentinel reports that officials decided to relegate demonstrators to two small spots outside the southern end of the massive conference hall.

On today's Last Call we spoke with Darden Rice, the new communications director for the health care advocacy group "Protect Your Care" who was in Orlando protesting the threatened cuts to Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.

The group recently launched a new campaign targeting Republicans over the “Let him die” incident that occurred at Monday night's GOP presidential debate in Tampa, when CNN host Wolf Blitzer asked candidate Ron Paul what society should do with a guy who’s sick, goes into a coma and doesn't have health insurance?

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