Protesters at CPAC Convention in Orlando want to Pink Slip Rick Scott

09/26/11 Jean Henry Telcy
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The group Pink Slip Rick protested Florida’s governor outside while he delivered the keynote address at the CPAC Convention in Orlando. Susannah Randolph, the executive director of Florida Watch Action organized the protest to raise awareness about Scott, who she describes as “anti-middle-class”.

Darden Rice, Florida Communications Director for the Protect Your Care campaign, points out what she believes to be the governor’s hypocrisy in fighting the new federal health care law, which among other things would provide insurance to Floridians with pre-existing conditions.

Not everyone agrees with the protestors’ message, however. Jean Morris shared her support for the governor on her way into the Convention Center. Morris is a retired Florida schoolteacher who is in favor of Scott’s education reforms, including those that tie teacher pay to student test scores.

Protestor and Orange County teacher Diana Moore disagrees.Moore says Scott's new laws would keep good teachers out of the profession.

Drenched in sweat, protestors, waved signs and banners as passengers in passing cars yelled out cheers and catcalls.

You can learn more about the Pink Slip Rick movement at

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