Protesters Urge Department of Justice to Criminally Investigate the Causes of the Housing Crisis

05/31/13 Robert Lorei
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Today on Radioactivity, Rob Lorei speaks with Glenda Chauncy an Orlando women who participated in a protest in front of the Department of Justice headquarters. The 500 protesters wanted the Obama Administration to urge the DOJ to start launching criminal investigations into the actions that led to the Great Recession. Twenty-seven people got arrested - seventeen that night and ten more the following morning at 6 AM. Listen to the full story above.

Our guest is Glenda Chauncy who took part in last week's protest. Here's her contact information: Glenda Chauncy (Facebook, Twitter, Linked In) Specialized Contractual Paralegal in Foreclosure Defense

w/ Elliot Legal Group, Esq. (Bankruptcy and Family Law) Ann Pellegrino, Esq. (Foreclosure Defense)

121 S Orange Avenue Suite 1130 Orlando Florida 32801 Office: 407.412.9223

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With all that has been in the news about big banks, I wonder why they still have customers. I have been a credit union member for many years and had a loan modification there. Most people are eligible to join credit unions.

...he basically put the blame on everything that has happened to these people back on the homeowners themselves... Most people are NOT paralegals and probably many cannot understand a lot of the terms on paperwork involving the modification of home loans. And they are getting info OVER the phone from these agencies and corporations that is NOT documented...and the rules and legalisms keep changing... NOT FAIR! This is a perfect example of the corporations and banks making their fortunes on the backs of the have-nots. Placing the blame on the victims is systemic in our society.