Public broadcasting is 170 Million Americans strong

07/22/11 Lisa Marzilli, Beth Bell
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During its most recent session, under Governor Rick Scott, the Republican controlled legislature voted to cut all state funding for public broadcasting. The cost to WMNF was about $62,000. In light of that development we began today’s Last Call by highlighting a national action campaign that formed in response to the Republican attack on public broadcasting both statewide and nationally - a project called 170MillionAmericans.

170 Million Americans is a partnership of more than 400 public television and radio stations throughout the country, national organizations, producers and the millions of Americans who rely on public media every day. WMNF is one of those partners.

We were joined on the phone by Jeff Nelson, Managing Director of Public Strategy at Minnesota Public Radio and American Public Media.

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Good luck...

Wow… 170 million Americans tune in to federally funded Public Broadcasting!!! That’s cool… especially when you stop and consider that only 150 million folks filed federal income tax returns. And… according to projections by the Tax Policy Center… about 47 percent of those who filed… will pay NO federal income taxes at all!!! Soooo… basically, about 80 million income tax paying folks have been footin the bill for those 170 million Americans “tuning in”. MY question is… how many of those 80 million income tax paying Americans think that THEY should be paying for the… “more than 400” politically socialist and leftist organizations within the federally funded… so-called “PUBLIC”… broadcast system??? Especially when the topic of the day is… raise YOUR taxes to pay down OUR debt!!!