Publisher Of The Tampa Epoch- A Newspaper Sold By The Homeless

12/27/11 Robert Lorei
Radioactivity: Live Call-In (Friday)

For two months there’s been a ban on panhandling on the streets of Tampa. But many homeless people are still out there — collecting money from passersby. The way they do it? They sell a new newspaper called “Tampa Epoch”.

Even though elected officials in the city banned panhandling, they did not ban street corner newspaper sales. We’re joined now by Bill Sharpe who is the publisher of the Tampa Epoch newspaper.

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Tampa Epoch

I wish that there was an edition of the Tampa Epoch that covered Pinellas and another that focused on Pasco. Having driven along the main streets of both counties the number of individuals on the streets there holding signs asking, yes begging for money while dodging the Sheriff's office is appalling. Yet at the same time I have seen stories published that other cities here in Florida have seemingly bragged that they overcome their homeless "problem" by giving people a one way bus ticket out of town. This in the season where we celebrate the arrival of the "Prince of Peace."


Well isn’t that special… let the “little guy” figure out a way to legally break the law… and everybody wants to high-five-it!!! But let some “fat cat” figure out a way to do the same thing and everybody wants to occupy something!!! Look… if you really want “Change”… then the double-standard is going to have to be killed by friendly fire!!!