Rally against Monsanto in Ybor City and Cuba's role in the Florida Governor’s race

05/23/14 Rob Lorei
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Tampa activists March Against Monsanto last year.

photo by Roberto Roland, May 23, 2013

Today on Radioactivity, we discuss tomorrow’s rally against Monsanto in Ybor City. Rob Lorei speaks to Christine Wall who is one of the organizers of tomorrow march against Monsanto- a multinational corporation heavily involved in genetically modifying food. Activists demanding that consumers have the choice to select genetically modified or not when they grocery shop will rally.

Rally will be held 2106 East 15th Avenue in Ybor City from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm

Later in the show, we look at how Cuba is likely to play a big roll in the Governor’s race this year. Earlier this year, Charlie Crist who is running for the Democratic nomination for Governor announced that he was he was considering a trip to Cuba this summer and that it’s time to end the half century embargo against the island nation.

Rob discusses this topic with Patrick Manteiga who is editor and publisher of La Gaceta- a newspaper that is written in three languages- English, Spanish and Italian. It’s history goes back to the days when Ybor City was a world capital for cigar-making and thousands of immigrants worked in the factories of Ybor City and West Tampa.

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