Report reveals one out of three women living close to poverty lines and Alisa Simmons discusses the Trans-Atlantic Free Trade Agreement

01/16/14 Mary Glenney
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This week on From a Woman’s POV the following topics were covered:

Shriver Report

How can this be -- one out of three women living on the brink or in poverty? And this is a time when 2/3 of the primary or co-breadwinners in the family are women. “The Shriver Report – A Woman’s Nation Pushes Back from the Brink”, a study by Maria Shriver and the Center for American Progress was released this week. SHARON BARON, Poverty Division, Center for American Progress , discusses the Shriver Report. The Center for American Progress were the co-writers and researchers for the report. You can download the entire report at the Center for American Progress website:

You can go to the section on poverty:

TPP – “NAFTA on Steroids”

If a lot of us don’t know about TransPacific Partnership (TPP – “NAFTA on Steroids”), even fewer know about the Trans-Atlantic Free Trade Agreement (TAFTA) – just an old fashioned taffy pull, which could shape up to be corporations back door attack on food safety, clean air and financial stability. These are some of the most important safety standards we rely on daily for a safer living environment in every way. Some of our most important safeguards will be under attack by a group of the largest US and European banks, agribusinesses, pharmaceutical corporations and other powerful industry groups who want to rewrite these safeguards behind closed doors.

The sobering reality is that TAFTA will not primarily target trade, but “behind the border” policies such as health, environment and financial protection.

ALISA SIMMONS, National Field Director, Global Trade Watch Division, Public Citizen will discuss these “agreements.”

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