Republican convention protests accelerate this weekend in Tampa Bay

08/24/12 Josh Holton
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Thousands of protesters, activists, and political groups are traveling to Tampa to protest this year's Republican National Convention.

Occupy Tampa and Occupy Wall Street will be joining with a wide range of activist organizations in protesting the RNC. Nathan Pim is a member of Food Not Bombs, which plans to feed protesters during the convention.  Pim and other Food Not Bombs activists began joining forces with Occupy Tampa at their encampment at Voice of Freedom Park on Wednesday. "A lot of people think the RNC demonstrations are going to start on Monday but Sunday things are going to be pretty much in high swing."

In addition to the Food Not Bombs World Gathering, Code Pink will be holding an activist training on Saturday.  The Service Employees International Union will be rallying Sunday, before of Tuesday’s scheduled speech of Wisconsin’s anti-union governor Scott Walker.

The main protest event, according to Pim, is the community vigil and march on the convention kickoff party Sunday. "The RNC kickoff party is what really, really starts the RNC - it's at Tropicana field in St. Petersburg. The City of St. Petersburg has designated a special event zone ordinance specifically for this day. There's gonna be a lot of people coming for a very large permitted march."

Some protest organizers argue that the City of Tampa is using both local and federal money to create a police state, and that holding the Convention behind a wall of security does not promote a free exchange of ideas.

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