Republicans announce strategies to defeat Obama in 2012

08/08/11 Janelle Irwin
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The Republican National Committee hosted its summer meeting at the Waterside Marriott in downtown Tampa last week. RNC members shared strategic plans to defeat President Obama in 2012.

During their general business meeting, the RNC committee tended to their regular business quickly before jumping into what they believe really matters: beating President Obama. Obama has launched a successful fundraising campaign so far, bringing in over $80 million. Sharon Day, vice-chair of the RNC, has a plan that doesn’t just involve fundraising. It will also involve people-raising.

Republicans want to reach out to Latinos, but stopping with just one minority group might be under-zealous; Day says they also plan to target Asian-Americans.

The cleverly devised strategy came warranted from a committee who showed this week, just how badly they want Obama out. Chair Reince Priebus couldn’t, or wouldn’t, hold his tongue when it came to bad mouthing the nation’s commander-in-chief.

Vice-chair Day was bursting with excitement at the opportunity to end Obama’s presidency.

At a luncheon the day before, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal slathered on some sarcasm for effect.

The committee also heard from Governor Rick Scott at the meeting. Scott took the podium for a brief speech in which he outlined his success as Governor so far. That list included removing teacher tenure, requiring government employees to pay into their own pensions and drug testing welfare recipients. The crowd applauded him.

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Republicans less complaining, more ideas. Please.

The Republicans waste time complaining about Obama. I never hear them say a word about what their plans are for fixing the economy. Lets hear something else besides tax cuts for the rich. Trickle down economics doesn't create jobs. Republicans, lets hear some job creating ideas. For once !

Talk about a waste of time and money!!!

Sis… it’s been MORE than 800 days (2 years, 2 months and 22 days)… and the Democrat controlled Senate hasn’t even put a budget plan on PAPER!!! But damned if they aint collectin a salary…

What... me complain???

Oh… wait a minute!!! The dims did (FINALLY) approve some sort of trickle down finance thingie… and our credit rating was downgraded for the… FIRST TIME IN HISTORY!!!

I gots an idea...

Ohhh yeah, I keep forgetting… the dims had a “super majority” in BOTH CHAMBERS when this started and came up with healthcare!!! Here’s a job creating plan!!! Get rid of the dims...

They could care less

The repigs could give a s*** what they do to the economy. As long as they defeat Obama. Traitors!


Obama is just awful, what a disappointment. Needs to go.

GOP - zero solutions

If McCain would have been elected our credit rating would have still been downgraded. I just don't see these "brilliant" GOP'ers doing anything different. They are providing no solutions. They can't agree on anything. When they take office the first people they hire are the Wall Street insiders who got us in this mess.

Zero solutions??? Salute this!!!

John McCain??? The guy who spent more than 6 years in a bamboo refrigerator box at the “Hanoi Hilton”!!! The guy that got broke so bad that he can’t lift his arms above his shoulders!!! The guy with a hairy black spider nestled in the cobwebs of his physici!!! YEAH… let’s put his finger on the BUTTON!!! When he found out that American cigarettes were the biggest export to Iran, he said… “That's one way to kill them"!!! DUDE… not only would we be at war with Iran, Afghanistan and Libya… but also… North Korea, the Chicoms and probably Vietnam… AGAIN!!! Wouldn’t be any different??? Wake-up and smell the Song Hong…


You obviously don't know what you're talking about. John McCain is a level-headed person with integrity. he votes for what he thinks is best for the country regardless of his own feelings. He voted to normalize trade relations with Vietnam even though he was imprisoned by that country for 6 years. Does that sound like a crazy person? This guy, being an officer, was eligible for early release from prison in Vietnam but he turned it down because he didn't want to sign papers admitting his acts were war crimes. This guy is all about integrity and is the best this country has to offer. I can't believe the majority chose a draft dodger over a war hero.

Don't get me WRONG!!!

I didn't say he wasn't a hero... and I didn't say he was crazy!!! But everyone has that "dark place"!!! I'm just saying that I'm not going to put his finger on the button!!! As for normalizing trade relations in Vietnam... how else would you get good intel???

Okay... I might be wrong... but...

I don’t think any person could endure what John McCain endured and not be scarred both physically and physiologically!!! He is not “crazy”… but… crazy is an opportunist and will show-up when you least expect it… usually disguised as... or walking hand-in-hand with... genius!!!