Republicans fire back at Crist for saying Floridians are dying without Medicaid expansion

02/07/14 Seán Kinane
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Former Florida Governor Charlie Crist

photo by Janelle Irwin/WMNF News (2012)

Former Governor Charlie Crist is causing a stir with comments Friday morning on MSNBC. He criticized Governor Rick Scott and the Republican-led Florida Legislature for not accepting funds for Medicaid expansion under the federal Affordable Care Act. He cited information from a labor union saying six people died in the state each day because they lacked the expanded health coverage.

“And I am told by friends at [SEIU] that means that six people in Florida die every day as a result of that.”

In an email statement, the chair of the Rick Scott for Florida Campaign, state Senator John Thrasher said,

"Charlie Crist is coming unglued. Is the heat from his association with convicted felon Scott Rothstein getting to Charlie Crist after it was revealed that he may have sold judges in exchange for political contributions? Comparing opposition to any policy to homicide is crazy and irresponsible."

Crist is challenging Scott for the governor’s mansion this year. Crist also said he would not debate an opponent in the Democratic primary, Nan Rich.

“What I’m thinking about is Rick Scott. I mean she polls at about 4% … God bless her.”

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I agree with Charlie Christ. As a Psychotherapist in Seminole County, I get calls daily from parents who do not have mental health insurance coverage and are overwhelmed by the behavioral problems of their children. If he had taken the funding, then more parents would get in under the Medicaid umbrella and have coverage. Shame on Governor Scott!!