Rick Scott signs Florida budget, slashes $600 million in line-item vetoes

05/26/11 Seán Kinane
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Republican Governor Rick Scott signed the state budget today. Florida lawmakers had cut nearly $4 billion from the budget for next fiscal year. But today in a private Republican Party of Florida event at The Villages, Scott announced he had vetoed $615 million in line items.

"There were 3,036 line items in the budget. 3,036. I know this because I looked at every single line item in the budget, and it took quite a bit of time. But, grab my favorite pen, but not all of those line items made it past this veto pen. The Florida Constitution gives me the authority to hold special interests accountable with the line item veto. Today I'm exercising that authority to remove an additional $615 million worth of special interests."

Governor Scott called on the Legislature to re-direct some of the funds to education.

Among the cuts: Nearly $14 million from the various University of South Florida campuses, and a request by the Tampa Bay Area Regional Transportation Authority, or TBARTA, to roll over its unspent balance, and nearly $4.8 million to public television and radio Stations. This is WMNF's development director, Laura Taylor.

"The state legislature had already cut about $20,000 from our appropriation but we were still hoping to get that $64,000 or so. Now, without that, we're not sure where we stand. We do have plans to make it up but we'll have to see if they work. We're going to have to take a look at next year's budget but the truth is we may not be able to pay for some programs that WMNF listeners rely on every day and may not be able to produce all of these events, too."

The St Petersburg Times reports:

“A group was from The Villages Democratic Club was kicked across the street, told by Florida Republican Party staffer Russ Adams that the event was private. The event space was leased by the Republican Party and sheriff's deputies are escorting from the property people with Democratic-leaning signs.”

The ACLU of Florida said it is seeking more information about the protesters who were kicked out of the bill signing event.

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I just looked at the 4 pages of line items vetoed...many were colleges and Universities. This paves the way for the Koch Brothers to step in with "funding" that comes along with a board of their elecorate to "oversee" and dictate what and how certain courses are taught. Gee, I wonder what party agenda the Professors will have to follow...sad..Democracy, Free Speech, and worst of all free thought are being secretly snuffed out. But they can't fool all the people all of the time now can they!

Funding cut

Now that $72k is getting cut from the budget,fund raising will be more important than ever. This current schedule isn't capable of sustaining that level of fundraising. When will this disastrous experiment be ended. Stubborn pride is going to be the death of WMNF.

They are called doppelgängers…

Oh come on Marie… there’s nothing “secret” about it!!! If the Colleges and Universities don’t want funding from the Koch brothers… all they have to do is say… NO THANK YOU!!! I mean it’s not like the schools were businesses or something… is it??? Nor is it likely that the “Trustees” are going to transform into the dreaded capitalist’s… are they??? Or… are you saying that when the State’s political administration changes via elections… the State’s schools administration will morph to reflect that political party… via osmosis???

Keep it up, Rick

Public broadcasting needed to be cut. badly. If I see one more tax-payer funded commerical about "my neighbor's son has autism...my son has autism", I will hurl! And I think one government tutorial on how to sneeze into my elbow every hour is sufficient. They don't need to play it evey five minutes. All those commercials cost the tax payer big money. The TV stations must be making a fortune at our expense. Keep cutting, Rick!


Are you full of sh!t or what? I'm thinking the former.

Drug Ads

What's with all of the Rx ads? Is this pill central?


You guys have been invaded by some kind of spammers. You need some I T. Want me to donate some more to fix it? No problem; change the schedule first.


Scott today vetoed $615 million in special-interest earmarks and signed the 2011-12 state budget. Governor Scott called on House and Senate leaders to redirect the vetoed special-interest dollars into K-12 classrooms and schools so that state spending can remain at last year’s levels. http://www.970wfla.com/cc-common/news/sections/newsarticle.html?feed=124415&article=8628816

995,882 unemployed in Florida

Hope you are not a state employee School teacher, county worker, work at one of the airports, town employee, or one of those people to get a pink slip it could be your family member, friend , your neighbor. 4000 jobs will be added to the above TITLE …I know I did not vote for this crook.

It's not pill spam

It's not spam. Whenever the op sees a comment he doesn't like, he inserts four fake spam entries to rotate the offending post out of view. For anyone like me who enjoys rehashing these censored points of view, all you have to do is google "WMNF" and a couple of words from the banished post. Click on the appropriate search result and make entries as desired. It will appear at the top of the current four postings.